A New I/O, A New Computing Paradime

Until recently, much of the I/O (Input/Output) to a computer largely revolved around the KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) paradigm.  Users sometimes had a “KVM” switch at their computer desk, allowing 2 different computers to be used at a desk with 1 set of monitor, keyboard, and mouse in place, hence the KVM term.

Then, more recently, the situation shifted to AVG: Audio, Video, GPS becoming more critical as a new paradigm.   We now have in home speakers with Siri, or Video capture in the Ring device at a doorbell camera, or in smartphone camera, and GPS geolocation in smartphones.  These are the new inputs in the current mobile/smarthome arena.    The user is inputting key data to the app via the AVG paradigm in the mobile use case.

Next up, we may see growth in IOT, robotics, and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications.   These will be a next extension of the mobile ecosystem.   These will center around many types of sensors to acquire data and remote controllers.  In addition, there will be more use of AI/ML to detect repeat workflows than can occur from events, alerts, and/or triggers.  These will then automatically toggle a series of events in a workflow to occur in a large integrated data system.